About us

Ardys is a newly formed family office based in Amsterdam. Since being founded in February 2019, Ardys serves the members of a Dutch family of successful entrepreneurs. The family members are founders of a diverse range of businesses like a HR Recruitment and Services Business (temporary employment organization), a large Real Estate business and multiple successful Fintech Businesses.

Based on our core values integrity, respect, and teamwork the team at Ardys strives to excel with a mix of experienced professionals and ambitious talent, Ardys has professionalism at the core of it’s DNA. 

Ardys offers asset management services to a selected group of clients. Ardys provides a high quality offering which exhibits an institutional signature whilst being at the forefront of technical innovation and having the dynamics of a start-up.

Broadly speaking, Ardys is active in the following areas:

- Family office services

- Asset Management

- Real Estate expertise

- Fintech solutions


Being the trusted guide and experienced architect to:


- Make external services available
- Manage wealth optimally 
- Realize entrepreneurial initiatives