The team

Gijs Hermens // Head of Portfolio Implementation

Gijs joined Ardys in November 2019 as Head of Portfolio Implementation.

Prior to that, Gijs worked as Portfolio Manager Fixed Income & Execution at Anthos Asset Management, a position he had held since 2017. From 2011, he was financial analyst at Petercam, an independent investment firm, serving private and institutional clients. In his role as analyst, he was primarily focused on investment grade as well as high yield debt and tactical asset allocation.

Gijs always had a keen interest in technical innovation and therefore has extensive knowledge of portfolio systems, (trading) execution systems, but also portfolio construction solutions and a broad range of financial products. In 2018 he received the Portfolio Construction Award from Wellington.

Gijs earned his BSc in Business Administration and MSc in Financial Economics and since 2016 he holds the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation. Additionally, Gijs successfully completed several Data Science courses. 

Bart van Campenhout // Analyst

As of April 2019 Bart is an analyst for Ardys. His job encompasses the analysis of investment opportunities for Ardys which should be matched to the current portfolio and future wishes of its clientele. 


Prior to the start of his career at Ardys, he finished a Master of Science in Management at Nyenrode Business Universiteit with a minor in Finance. During his studies at Nyenrode, he was chairman of an investment association which manages a small passive investment fund for alumni and fellow students.


Currently, he is involved as a board member of the Finance Circle, a network of financial professionals that have all graduated from Nyenrode. The finance circle hosts events that are relevant for professionals in the field, aiming to connect alumni. 


Bart also works on a machine-learning algorithm that detects patterns in financial reports of companies, attempting to forecast fundamentals.


Bart holds a Master and Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from the Eindhoven University of Technology. 

Daan Rowel // Business Manager

Since the beginning of 2019 Daan is working at Ardys as Business Manager to the management team.  

Between 2015 and 2019, Daan has worked at Anthos Asset Management which is the office of the Brenninkmeijer family in a similar role.

Daans’ background is in Business Administration and Entrepreneurship/Entrepreneurial studies at Nyenrode New Business School (Amsterdam) and Westminster University (London). 

Daans' entrepreneurial spirit is visible by running a small student employment agency next to his job at Ardys.